Course Policies

Attendance is required.  Students can miss no more than two classes before participation grades are adversely affected.  I do not need notes, emails, or explanations for absences.  Students are expected to use their own discretion.  After the second absence, participation grades will be lowered by 3 points (approximately one letter grade) per absence.  Please remember to get class notes from a peer if you are absent.

Electronic devices are only to be used in class for note-taking, reading, or research directly related to our course material and discussion.  Anyone caught using electronic devices (texting, facebook, IMing, etc.) for purposes not related to the course will be marked absent for the day.  Rather than disrupting class and calling attention to those in violation of this policy, I will simply make a note in my attendance record.  If electronic devices become a distraction in the classroom, they will not be allowed.  Unless you use a laptop for taking notes or do not wish to print out readings, I highly recommend leaving yours at home and avoiding the distraction.

Late Work will be penalized. Papers will be lowered by one full letter grade for each day they are late. Blogs over 12 hours late will not be given credit.

Email is a welcome way to communicate with the instructor.  I will be happy to answer quick questions about course assignments, readings, or anything that may be unclear to you.  If you have a more involved question or need to discuss your work, you should come to see me during office hours or schedule an appointment.  Furthermore, it is important to note that I may occasionally email the course through Blackboard, which goes to your AU email account.  You are expected to check your email on a daily basis or to have your AU email forwarded to an account that you check often.

Office Hours are held each week, unless otherwise noted.  Students may stop by office hours at any time for help, or you can schedule an appointment to meet outside of office hours.

Success in this course is achieved through hard and consistent work.  I do want students to receive good grades and will do everything possible to make that happen for those willing to put in the time and effort.  However, students who do the minimum to meet the course requirements should not expect an above average grade.  (And, clearly, those who fall short of the course requirements will receive below average grades.)  I am always willing to listen to student feedback and to adjust the course to meet students’ learning goals.  If you have a need or a suggestion on how to enhance your experience in the course, you should not wait until the end of the semester to voice it.

Academic Integrity is consistent with the standards of academic conduct and set forth in the University’s Academic Integrity Code. By registering, you have acknowledged your awareness of the Academic Integrity Code, and you are obliged to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities as defined by the Code. Violations of the Academic Integrity Code will not be treated lightly, and disciplinary actions will be taken should such violations occur. Please see me if you have any questions about the academic violations described in the Code in general or as they relate to particular requirements for this course.